Choose Your Own Misery: The Office (Paperback)

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Sometimes, you have a day that's just so miserable that there's only one way to make it okay: find a book that exponentially magnifies the misery for vicarious, cartoonish catharsis. CHOOSE YOUR OWN MISERY fits the bill perfectly. Styled after the vintage Choose Your Own Adventure books, this interactive book gives the readers choices in how the story unfolds, directing to different page numbers instead of having them read straight through. Explore everything that could possibly go wrong in an office job, from bodily functions run amok to intraoffice romance; relish in the fictional protagonist facing the consequences of the bad decisions you control. What makes MacDonald and Gagnon's portrayal of the unnamed protagonist's profanity-laden, alcohol-drenched day so special is how each bit of over-the-top sitcom levels of horrible luck germinates from an embarrassing seed that could happen in real life. This Worst Case Scenario narrative deserves the only praise that matters for a comedy book: it's really, really funny.

— From Ann's Picks


Two former contributors to The Onion have written a parody of one of childhood's favorite series-strictly for adults.
Product Details
ISBN: 9781626819245
ISBN-10: 1626819246
Publisher: Diversion Publishing - Ips
Publication Date: January 26th, 2016
Pages: 300
Language: English
Series: Choose Your Own Misery