Gifts for all occasions

You may be surprised to learn that the Odyssey Bookshop is not a destination solely for book buyers!  We carry a wide range of cards and gift items for all ages and the selection changes regularly. And if there is something that you love that we don’t already carry, please drop in and chat with Emily, our gift buyer for the store, because she’s always interested in new ideas. 

Because inventory changes so quickly with our gift items, there is no practical way for us to sell them all through our website, but here are some representative items we do carry. We have gift items in all price ranges, from chocolate at $0.65 to Moleskine iPad covers at $89.95, but most are in the $10-25 range. Please feel free to call, email, or stop by in person if you're looking for a little something extra beyond books – we’re always ready to answer questions or help you find the perfect gift!   

  • chocolates from a variety of vendors
  • hand-crafted soaps and candles
  • board games and card games
  • lovely scarves for every season
  • journals (including Moleskine, PaperBlank, and handmade ones)
  • school supplies
  • novelty kitchen items like ice trays or cheese slicers
  • travel mugs and water bottes
  • cool t-shirts with bookish themes
  • cards & stationery, including letterpress and fine papers
  • Odyssey Bookshop t-shirts and water bottles 
  • re-useable totebags
  • magnets, buttons, and bumper stickers
  • puzzles to challenge every contender: crosswords, Sudoku, and jigsaw
SKU: 705105479309

Reduce your forkprint! Eliminate your usage of plastic utensils and check out these bamboo ones instead. Fork, knife, spoon, and chopsticks are held together in this handy carrying case, complete with small carabiner. Various colors availabl

SKU: 728987017728

Who wouldn't want ice cubes in the shape of brains?  Perfect for chilling with a cocktail whilst awaiting the zombie apocalypse!

SKU: 9781933427041

20 cards in all; 4 each of 5 different full color images. These are quite beautiful.

SKU: 9781572815179

This is a seriously fast-paced game somewhat akin to Scrabble or Bananagrams; but watch out: somebody just might snatch up the letter you need if you're not quick enough to claim it!

SKU: x61499

These lovely scarves are made in India in a viscose and silk blend. We have assorted colors on hand.

SKU: 5060121249417

This tote bag is made from a very sturdy canvas that will stand up to almost anything you want to carry.

SKU: 092657017944

This fun tote is made out of 95% post-consumer materials. It's cute and functional, with one small outside pocket and full zip closure at the top, which means it's perfect for travel. We also have a variety of other designs & styles from the same company, Blue Q, which is a Massachusetts company.