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book bingo win prizes july 1- august 31

Aaron Thier, Mr. Eternity, 8/24
Active CItizens Book Club one nation under god how corporate america invented christian america by kevin kruse 8/28the open fiction book group speak by louisa hall 8/29
ya book club for adults, i am princess x by cherie priest, 9/8
return by aaron becker 9/10
crime club, we have always lived in the castle by shirley jackson, 9/12
mischling by affinity konar, in conversation with editor lee bourdreaux, 9/15
the monster next door, david soman, 9/17
the shakespeare club, henry viii, 9/18the open fiction book group, bottomland by michelle hoover, 9/19
adam shaughnessy, over the underworld, and tania unsworth, brightwood, 9/24
active citizens book club, white rage the unspoken truth of our racial divide, 9/25caitlin shetterly modified 9/26
jeannine atkins, ellen wittlinger, jo knowles, 9/27
some pets, angela deterlizzi and brendan wenzel, 9/30
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