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School & Teacher Discounts

Teacher Discount Program

The Odyssey believes that education is key to the healthy development of our young people and our democracy and we support the efforts and hardwork of educators.

To participate in this program, you must be a PreK-12 teacher or homeschool provider. To sign up, stop in at the Odyssey. 

-20% off all regularly priced books* purchased for classroom or educational use.

-Schools ordering books to be purchased with school funds will also receive 20% off orders of regularly priced books, provided the order is received by the Odyssey at three weeks in advance of when the books are needed. (Orders received with less lead time may receive a smaller discount.)

-We can process school purchase orders (POs). Books can be purchased tax-free with your school’s tax exempt number.

*"regularly priced books" excludes used, remaindered and short discount books