Summer Family Entertainment Series 2017

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Saturday, July 8th at 10:30 AM, Ed Popielarczyk’s Magic Moments
Ed Popielarczyk is a professional magician, balloon twister, and entertainer. Ed takes a lot of pride in bringing smiles to his friend's faces. Whether he is performing a magic show or making a balloon creation, he is entertaining. The magic in what he does is not making a big duck riding a motorcycle out of balloons or fooling someone during a magic show, but the laughter that it brings. That is the TRUE MAGIC!! Read more about Ed here!

Saturday, July 15th at 10:30 AM, Eshu’s World Folktales
Eshu Bumpus captivates his audience by telling a variety of African, African-American and World folktales leavened with music, humor and mystery. Eshu is a renowned storyteller, an accomplished jazz vocalist and a master at physical characterization. He has performed on the Exchange Place stage at the National Festival (1998), and performed 36 sold out shows in 13 days at the Smithsonian (1997). After appearing at the 10 Annual Connecticut Storytelling Festival (1991), Eshu was acclaimed as," … a fresh, responsible and knowledgeable voice... distinct and compelling... the hit of the Festival.” Read more about Eshu here!

Saturday, July 22rd at 10:30 AM, Trevor “The Games Man”
Trevor delights young and old from the moment he arrives, stilt-walking in at over 9 feet tall! We begin with some really high-fives... it gets everyone jumping right from the start! Then gather around, everyone, it's time for the Aerial Delights Show, an up-in-the-air extravaganza of tricks and skills featuring wind whistlers, ribbon dancers, the color-changing Chameleon Stick, and lots of other FUN stuff! Read more about Trevor here!

Saturday, July 29th at 10:30 AM, Tom Ricardi, “Birds of Prey”
Meet and learn about the wonderful and majestic animals who soar high in the sky! Join us for an incredible display of predatory birds from avian expert Tom Ricardi, who operates a rehabilitation center for a variety of birds of prey at his home in Conway, MA. He travels throughout New England and New York giving lectures and showcasing selections of his birds. Read more about Tom and his work here!

Saturday, August 5th at 10:30 AM, Dorothy Cresswell
Dorothy Cresswell, founded  "The Healing Circle Singers," with Helen Fortier,  and co-hosts the "Bridges Coffee House" with Hannah Elliott. The First Congregational Church of Amherst, where she is a member, co-sponsors these endeavors, with other members of the wider community.  
She directs the "Happy Valley Children's Chorus" and is currently working on a new local TV show for kids called "The Curious Giraffe Show: For Curious Kids of All Ages."  She is available to lead sings with all ages and to bring music to any setting, public or private.


Saturday, August 12th at 10:30 AM, Roger Tincknell, Sing-tastic Songs!
Roger Tincknell has been performing for children, families, adults, and seniors throughout the U.S., Canada and Europe for over 40 years. His strong, expressive vocal styles, show stopping yodeling and masterful instrumental skills bring a warmth and versatility to his performances. With a background as a classroom teacher and music specialist, Roger has pioneered programs in multicultural, environmental, and special needs education and curriculum development. Read more about Roger!


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