Used Books


-- Selling used books at the Odyssey -- 


The Odyssey Bookshop is always interested in acquiring quality used books.

We can offer about 15-20% of our retail price in store credit, depending on the quality of books. 

Nancy is our used book buyer. Here are some of our buying guidelines:  

We accept books in almost every fiction genre, ranging from the classics to fantasy and everything in between.  We are mostly looking for paperbacks, in very good (or better) condition, and free of underlining or mustiness. Mass market mysteries, sci-fi, romance, and mysteries are accepted. We generally do not accept hardcover fiction. For non-fiction we are mostly interested in recent, up-to-date books in politics, biography, history & other humanities, art books, the sciences, and books of the home & hearth such as crafting or gardening. Books in other subjects are approached on a case by case basis. 

We do not accept cookbooks, children's books, textbooks, magazines / ephemera, dictionaries or reference books, or rare books.

Nancy looks at used books by appointment only, so if you have books you'd like to sell, call us (413) 534-7307. Please let us know how many books you have so we know how long it will take to help you. Availabiltiy is pending on a week-by-week basis.