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Journalist Moran brings all of her usual humor and passion to bear in this collection of writing from her column with The Times. Topics range across the vast gamut of Moran’s interests – anything from the death of Prince to the death of common politeness is fair game – but her trademark penchant for politics and all things feminism form a unifying thread throughout the collection. Her casual style belies the thoughtfulness behind each piece, and there’s something here for every reader, and I hope that this is the book to bring her a wider American audience! 

— From Emily's Picks

December 2016 Indie Next List

“Moran is a British journalist whose columns are known for covering a broad range of topics, from feminism and politics to fashion and TV. Some of those columns are reprinted in Moranifesto, a hilarious collection of opinion pieces that are Moran's personal manifesto for changing the world. The collection covers topics as diverse as the Syrian refugee crisis, cystitis, David Bowie, and why she no longer wears heels. As dissimilar as these themes may be, they are all tackled with the blunt humor for which Moran is known. Moranifesto is gloriously funny, feminist, and timely.”
— Agnes Galvin (E), Oblong Books And Music,LLC., Millerton, NY


From the New York Times bestselling author of How to Be a Woman and Moranthology comes a collection of Caitlin Moran’s award-winning London Times columns that takes a clever, hilarious look at celebrities, society, and the wacky world we live in today—including three major new pieces exclusive to this book.

When Caitlin Moran sat down to choose her favorite pieces for her new book, she realized that they all shared a common theme—the same old problems and the same old ass-hats. Then she thought of the word ‘Moranifesto’, and she knew what she had to do…

Introducing every piece and weaving her writing together into a brilliant, seamless narrative—just as she did in Moranthology—Caitlin combines the best of her recent columns with lots of new writing unique to this book as she offers a characteristically fun and witty look at the news, celebrity culture, and society. Featuring strong and important pieces on poverty, the media, and class, Moranifesto also focuses on how socially engaged we’ve become as a society.

And of course, Caitlin is never afraid to address the big issues, such as Benedict Cumberbatch and duffel coats. Who else but Caitlin Moran—a true modern Renaissance woman—could deal with topics as pressing and diverse as the beauty of musicals, affordable housing, Daft Punk, and why the Internet is like a drunken toddler?

Covering everything from Hillary Clinton to UTIs, Caitlin’s manifesto is an engaging and mischievous rallying call for our times.


About the Author

Caitlin Moran’s debut book, How to Be a Woman, was an instant New York Times bestseller. Her first novel, How to Build a Girl, received widespread acclaim. She lives in London. You can follow Caitlin on Twitter: @caitlinmoran

Praise For…

“If you dug How to Be a Woman; trust Lena Dunham’s recommendations on literature; are intrigued by chapters titled, variously, ‘David Bowie—England’s Beautiful Boys,’ ‘BACONI’ and ‘The Exact Amount of Famous I Am: 35 Percent,’ Caitlin Moran’s latest, Moranifesto is for you”

“No one tackles issues as big as income inequality and global warming or as small as bang trims and Benedict Cumberbatch’s ass quite like the wickedly funny Caitlin Moran.”

“Author Caitlin Moran has taught us How to Be a Woman and How to Build a Girl, but with her latest collection of essays, she’s eyeing the bigger picture and outlining her personal manifesto… with the signature blend of earnestness and irreverent wit that have made Moran a bestselling writer.”
— Bridey Heing, Bust

“If you haven’t heard of Caitlin Moran, I’m afraid you deserve to be publicly shamed.... [She’s] a hilarious, insightful feminist intellectual who writes about politics with the same clarity and ease as she does Benedict Cumberbatch.... This is a book that made me miss my subway stop in both directions.”
— Dana Schwartz, Observer

“Moran has won audiences over with her sharp wit and penetrating insights about modern-day sexism…. It is difficult, and rare, to be both political and funny, critical yet inviting, but Moran handles this tension skillfully.”
— Meagan Lacy, Library Journal, starred review

“Witty and intelligent, honest and silly, a shrewd combination of culture, politics and feminism-a conversation worth joining.... Moranifesto exposes the many facets of this complex, wickedly smart woman. Missing it would definitely be a crime.”
— Jen Forbus, Shelf Awareness, starred review

“Humorous and/or serious essays that run through the gauntlet that comprises life.... [Moran’s] observations on somber topics are the highlights, giving readers a better sense of the compassionate, intelligent woman behind the prose.”

“Moran’s endless sense of humor, enthusiasm for punching upward, and liberal use of the word ‘you’ makes reading the collection like hanging out with a loud and chatty friend.”
Publishers Weekly

“Exuberant....Moran’s wise, bracing observations about politics, pop culture, feminism, and nearly everything else are no-holds-barred, and made easy and fun to digest by her crackling humor.”

“The joy of Moran’s writing lies in how she combines thoughtfulness and intelligence with proper belly laughs.... It’s this clarity about how the world can be improved, how we can all be better at life, that lies at the heart of Moran’s writing. She may be funny, but she’s also right.”
Independent (London)

“Having conquered feminism, Caitlin Moran is ready to solve the problems of the world…. We’re in.”
Marie Claire (UK)

“Brilliant…. If you like Caitlin Moran you will love how Moranifesto… feels as though she has plonked herself down next to you in the pub and is knocking back gin while folding forth.”
Sunday Times (London)

“[Moran] describes the book as ‘detailing how I would solve the problems of the Earth.’ You wouldn’t bet against her.”
Glamour (UK)

“When she writes on politics Moran is predictably brilliant… full of great ideas…. Reading Moranifesto I thought how much I’d like to live in the world Moran is arguing for — a kinder, fairer, more equal place.”
Evening Standard (London)

“If you haven’t heard of Caitlin Moran, I’m afraid you deserve to be publicly shamed.... [She’s] a hilarious, insightful feminist intellectual who writes about politics with the same clarity and ease as she does Benedict Cumberbatch ... This is a book that made me miss my subway stop in both directions.”
— Dana Schwartz, the Observer

“In Moranthology, a collection of [Moran’s] greatest hits, she has full rein to unleash a barrage of scorchingly funny and uncensored opinions on the rest of the known universe.”
Vanity Fair on Moranthology, a Best Books of the Year

“Fans of Ms. Moran will be especially pleased that all the pith and wit about How to Be a Woman remain on display in Moranthology.”
Wall Street Journal on Moranthology

“It is bracing in this season of losing [Nora] Ephron to discover a younger feminist writer who scrimmages with the patriarchy and drop kicks zingers with comic flair….A must-read for anyone curious to find out just how very funny a self-proclaimed ‘strident feminist’ can be.”
— NPR's Fresh Air on How to Be a Woman

“Vivid and full of truths…. There’s a point in midlife, when you’re already built, as it were, when the average coming-of-age story starts to feel completely uninteresting. But Moran is so lively, dazzlingly insightful and fun that “How to Build a Girl” transcends any age restrictions.”
San Francisco Chronicle on How to Build a Girl

“Wonderfully wise and flat-out hilarious.”
People on How to Build a Girl

“Very funny.... Moran never loses touch with what seemed to me an authentic and believable teenage voice…. The joy of this easy-read novel is not just the scrappy protagonist…. Moran makes strong statements about social inequality and gender throughout.”
— NPR's Fresh Air on How to Build a Girl

“Uproariously funny.”
Entertainment Weekly
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