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One year ago, teenage Julia went for a jog through the woods, only to be abducted by Donald Jessup. While she’s safe now, back at home and with Jessup dead, the memories of her brief captivity are a patchwork of blurs, of cold, of the pain from a sprained ankle. When another girl’s body is found in the same woods she emerged from, it isn’t just one-year retrospective attention towards the case, but a reopened investigation. Julia teams with a local reporter and finally starts unpacking just why her memories and the facts she knows about her own case aren’t adding up. This is a fast-moving story where trauma psychology is expertly juggled with a precise mystery, a mystery that is scary through how true to life the characters and their relationships are. Savage’s writing simmers with tension, propelling readers to discoveries alongside the imminently likable Julia, and is as fun to read as it is thought-provoking.

— From Ann's Picks


"Statistically speaking, girls like me don't come back when guys like Donald Jessup take us."

Julia knows she beat the odds. She escaped the kidnapper who hunted her in the woods for two terrifying nights that she can't fully remember. Now it's one year later, and a dead girl turns up in those same woods. The terrible memories resurface, leaving Julia in a stupor at awkward moments-in front of gorgeous Kellan MacDougall, for example.

At least Julia's not alone. Her best friend, Liv, was in the woods, too. When Julia got caught, Liv ran away. Is Liv's guilt over leaving Julia the reason she's starving herself? Is hooking up with Shane Cuthbert, an addict with an explosive temper, Liv's way of punishing herself for not having Julia's back? As the devastating truth about Liv becomes clear, Julia realizes the one person she thinks she knows best-Liv-is the person she knows least of all. And that after the woods was just the beginning.

About the Author

Kim Savage was born in Quincy, Massachusetts, and received her degree in English from Stonehill College. She lives with her husband and three children north of Boston, Massachusetts. After the Woods is her debut novel.
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ISBN: 9780374300555
ISBN-10: 0374300550
Publisher: Farrar, Straus and Giroux (Byr)
Publication Date: February 23rd, 2016
Pages: 304
Language: English