Scorch (Croak) (Paperback)

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Sixteen-year-old Lex Bartleby is a teenage grim reaper with the bizarre ability to Damn souls. That makes her pretty scary, even to fellow Grims. But after inadvertently transferring her ability to Zara, a murderous outlaw, Lex is a pariah in Croak, the little town she calls home. To escape the townspeople's wrath, she and her friends embark on a wild road trip to DeMyse. Though this sparkling desert oasis is full of luxuries and amusements, it feels like a prison to Lex. Her best chance at escape would be to stop Zara once and for all--but how can she do that from DeMyse, where the Grims seem mysteriously oblivious to Zara's killing spree?

About the Author

GINA DAMICO is the author of "Croak." She lives outside of Boston with her husband, two cats, and a closet full of black

Praise For…

"An amusing blend of whimsy and humor with serious drama and blood."--Kirkus   Praise for Croak:   "Go ahead and die laughing, knowing that the safe transport of your mortal soul will be the summer job of a sweetheart teen with godlike power and discipline problems. A lot of books make me wish I could live within their pages, but I wouldn't mind dying in this one."—Adam Rex, author of Fat Vampire   "Creepy and hilarious."—VOYA, 4Q, 5P

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ISBN: 9780547624570
ISBN-10: 0547624573
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin
Publication Date: September 25th, 2012
Pages: 332
Language: English
Series: Croak (Quality)