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Roma Amor: A novel of Caligula's Rome (Paperback)

Roma Amor: A novel of Caligula's Rome Cover Image
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A Roman senator's black-sheep son. A strong-willed Germanic priestess. The murderous jealousy of a young emperor.
As peace in the Empire hangs in the balance.
FALL, 37 AD. To great acclaim, 25-year-old Caligula Caesar has just become Rome's new emperor. No one is more pleased than Senator Titus Carinna, who knows the inexperienced young ruler needs a companion he can trust. The senator's older son -- groomed for the role -- is dead, charged with treason. Luckily, he has a second son.Headstrong and passionate, Marcus Carinna would rather prove his courage by defeating Rome's enemies than take his brother's place. Yet when his father calls him home from the frontier, he has no choice but to befriend Caligula, the man he blames for not saving his brother.Serving this erratic emperor will snare him in a web of deceit, conspiracy, and betrayal reaching from Palatine mansions to the city's grimy, teeming streets. Once determined to be a man of honor, Marcus becomes a man of secrets -- including concealment of his own forbidden desire for the Germanic priestess Aurima, a vengeful hostage whose maidenhood secures a truce with her tribe.Ultimately, his courage and willfulness will lead him to the darkest secret of all, which threatens his family, the woman he desires, even his life -- and may bring chaos to the young Roman Empire.This introductory novel in the "Roma Amor" saga combines high-stakes suspense with vivid characters, extraordinary circumstances, romantic tension, and a splash of humor. Choose Read Now or Buy Now to immerse yourself in Roma Amor: A Novel of Caligula's Rome.Marcus and Aurima return in Book 2: Amber Road, a novel of love and betrayal on the Roman frontier.PRAISE FROM REVIEWERS:
"A complete page turner.... I found myself reading until two or three in the morning sometimes, unable to put it down" -- Historical Fiction Obsession
"An epic story... filled with historical accuracy and vivid portraits of the brutality and duplicity of Roman life" -- Central Maine Newspapers
"A story that captivates and enthralls.... Marcus is an amazing character, passionate, intelligent and fascinating" -- Book Lovers Paradise
"Right up there with some of my favorite authors in the same genre like Kate Quinn and Ben Kane. I loved it " -- Bookfever
"What a treat The details, the historical setting, the characters.... Can't wait for the next one in the series" -- Beth's Book Blog

About the Author

Vikings were the heroes of my first historical novel at age 11. They soon lost out to Romans, thanks to "Ben Hur" and "Spartacus." After earning a Phi Beta Kappa creative award in college for an early draft of ROMA AMOR, I spent many years of research and revision developing the story into the struggle between fathers and sons that it wanted to be. It's a joy to immerse myself in the lives of first-century Romans-and a definite change from my day job as a professional copywriter. I live on the coast of Maine with a native-born Viking and two cats.
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ISBN: 9780692596326
ISBN-10: 0692596321
Publisher: Bexley House Books
Publication Date: April 13th, 2016
Pages: 502
Language: English