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Roma Amor: A novel of Caligula's Rome (Paperback)

Roma Amor: A novel of Caligula's Rome By Sherry Christie Cover Image
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As Marcus Carinna leads dusty troops past his family's tomb, a voice whispers,
"Your turn, little brother."


The eerie whisper interrupts his triumphant return from the frontier, escorting a rebellious captive: Aurima, the daughter of a Germanic chief, now hostage for a hard-won truce. Some uncanny presence also seems to alarm the troublesome girl. But Marcus shrugs off the notion that it's a warning from his older brother, who had committed suicide to escape a treason charge. Cynical young Romans don't believe in ghosts.

And who could be uneasy in a city that's deliriously happy? Handsome young Caligula Caesar is celebrating his confirmation as emperor of Rome with generous handouts, chariot races, and lavish gladiatorial games.

Few know that the new ruler's upbringing amid mortal threat has given him a deep fear of betrayal. Hoping to steady him, Marcus's ambitious father had groomed his ill-fated older son to be Caligula's trusted companion. Now black-sheep Marcus must take his place.

Yet how can Marcus forgive Caligula, once his brother's closest friend, for failing to save him from a dishonorable death?

In this novel of 37 AD, he will grapple with secrets, treachery, and vengeance that threaten his family, the firebrand maiden he desires, even his life . . . and may bring chaos to the young Roman Empire.

An outstanding portrayal of loyalty, honor, and hidden love, Roma Amor is a rich experience for readers who enjoy losing themselves in another world.

"Powerful writing, strong characters -- especially Marcus himself, Marcus's twin Nina, and Aurima, the German hostage -- gorgeous and vivid, often lyrical, descriptions" -- Goodreads review

"A story that captivates and enthralls.... Marcus is an amazing character, passionate, intelligent and fascinating" -- Book Lovers Paradise

"Right up there with some of my favorite authors in the same genre like Kate Quinn and Ben Kane. I loved it " -- Bookfever

"A complete page turner.... I found myself reading until two or three in the morning sometimes, unable to put it down" -- Historical Fiction Obsession.

About the Author

Vikings were the heroes of my first historical novel at age 11. They soon lost out to Romans, thanks to "Ben Hur" and "Spartacus." After earning a Phi Beta Kappa creative award in college for an early draft of ROMA AMOR, I spent many years of research and revision developing the story into the struggle between fathers and sons that it wanted to be. It's a joy to immerse myself in the lives of first-century Romans-and a definite change from my day job as a professional copywriter. I live on the coast of Maine with a native-born Viking and two cats.
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ISBN: 9780692596326
ISBN-10: 0692596321
Publisher: Bexley House Books
Publication Date: April 13th, 2016
Pages: 502
Language: English