Teaching: A Life's Work: A Mother-Daughter Dialogue (Hardcover)

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A must-read for new teachers and seasoned practitioners, this unique book presents Sonia Nieto and Alicia L pez, mother and daughter writing about the trajectories, vision, and values that brought them to teaching, including the ups and downs they have experienced and the reasons why they have stubbornly remained in one of the oldest, most difficult, and most rewarding of professions. Drawing on their extensive experience as educators in school and university classrooms, they reflect on what it means to teach young people, prospective teachers, and future academics in our complex, dynamic, and multicultural society. Teaching, A Life's Work is at once theoretical and practical, reflective and critical, personal, professional, and political. Nieto and L pez document their reasons for becoming teachers and share some of the most important lessons they have learned along the way. Using journals, blogs, current writings, and their research, they explore how their views on curriculum, pedagogy, and the field of education itself have evolved over the years.

Book Features:

  • Experiences and insights from elementary, secondary, and post-secondary education.
  • Ideas from authors who have been at the forefront of progressive movements in public and private education in the United States.
  • An accessible text that includes both theoretical concepts about teaching and practical examples of curriculum and pedagogy.
  • A chapter based on a dialogue similar to the "talking book" created by Ira Shor and Paulo Freire (1987).
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ISBN: 9780807761106
ISBN-10: 0807761109
Publisher: Teachers College Press
Publication Date: March 1st, 2019
Language: English