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Pick Me! Pick Me! The Story of the Magic Pumpkin (Hardcover)

Pick Me! Pick Me! The Story of the Magic Pumpkin By Dave Bastien, Patrick Riley (Illustrator) Cover Image
By Dave Bastien, Patrick Riley (Illustrator)
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Pick Me Pick Me The Story of the Magic Pumpkin is an enchanting tale that forever transforms the experience of pumpkin picking into a new family tradition.

Using their Magic Pumpkin Charm, children find their own Magic Pumpkin and bring it to life to share the wonder of its single most important day - Halloween And as the magical day comes to a close, the Magic Pumpkin shares a secret that leaves them eagerly awaiting the next Halloween. Pumpkin picking will never be the same

It's a wonderful story, in poetic form, that captures the imagination of children and transforms Halloween into a magical time, forever drawing all who read it into a wonderful new family tradition.

The story began as a poem, but it's also a song. It was inspired by watching children pick pumpkins at Mack's Apples, the pick-your-own farm that I live near. It always put a smile on my face to hear their imaginations run wild as the children combed through the fields, looking for the perfect pumpkin.

Some children would choose one with a perfect shape, and for others the perfect pumpkin was one that was a bit odd looking - as if they felt it needed them. But all of them just couldn't wait to get home and bring their pumpkin to life by carving a happy face into it.

In addition to being a story book, Pick Me Pick Me The Story of the Magic Pumpkin is also one of seven original Halloween songs that my wife and I sing. If you're ever in our neighborhood for Halloween you can stop by and hear us perform them all.

Every Halloween we decorate a small patch of wooded area in front of our house, where for the last ten years we've performed for the trick-or-treaters who come to visit. I think we get as much out of the experience, if not more, than the children do I hope you enjoy hearing the story as much as I enjoy telling it.


Dave Bastien

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ISBN: 9780997502725
ISBN-10: 099750272X
Publisher: Gooberly Press
Publication Date: October 4th, 2015
Pages: 34
Language: English