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I ♥ Raw: A How-To Guide for Reconnecting to Yourself and the Earth through Plant-Based Living (Hardcover)

I ♥ Raw: A How-To Guide for Reconnecting to Yourself and the Earth through Plant-Based Living By Christy Harden, Kyle Cease (Foreword by) Cover Image
By Christy Harden, Kyle Cease (Foreword by)
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Many raw food how-to books claim to be "easy" guides to the raw food lifestyle. In reality they're anything but. This book is different. If you're looking for a truly honest, nuts-and-bolts take on this fabulous, ultra-healthy way of living from someone who's walked the talk for years, this is it. How should you stock your kitchen? What equipment do you need? What happens when you dine out or go on vacation? Replete with tips, tricks, myth-busting wisdom and recipes, I Raw will become your go-to bible for thriving through raw, plant-based living.

There's a reason it's called a lifestyle and not a diet.

Most people fall off the raw food wagon due to lifestyle-adjustment overwhelm and difficulties managing the social aspects of eating. I Raw addresses these and other issues you'll encounter when you "go raw." It provides readers with a working knowledge of everything it takes to try out or completely transition to raw foods, and includes suggestions you won't find anywhere else. It explores why we choose to eat what we do, and how our choices impact our health and our daily experience. Beyond this it provides a rationale for choosing plant-based living over the standard diet that's been clouding our minds and harming our planet for years.

I Raw packs a punch, tells it like it is and puts everything you need to know to adopt and maintain this healthy lifestyle in a simple, real-life framework. I Raw is the raw food lifestyle manual.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781600251009
ISBN-10: 1600251005
Publisher: Maurice Bassett
Publication Date: April 30th, 2020
Pages: 250
Language: English