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Dumplings Equal Love: Delicious Recipes from Around the World (Hardcover)

Dumplings Equal Love: Delicious Recipes from Around the World By Liz Crain Cover Image
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You can make dumplings a weeknight staple—and this cookbook will show you how with 40 easy but innovative dumpling recipes from around the globe.

Shumai, gyoza, mandu, komber, pierogis: a dumpling by any other name would taste as comforting. The original comfort food in every culture, the humble dumpling takes center stage in this beautiful cookbook. Author Liz Crain offers up beloved staples—with easy, step-by-step instructions for dumpling skins and fillings—and regional favorites, including:
• Chinese soup dumplings and shumai
• Japanese gyoza
• Eastern European pierogi
• Italian goat cheese arrabbiata


• Northwest American morel sherry cream
• Cincinnati Chili
• Shrimp & Grits
• Nettle & Caramelized Onions
• Bananas Foster  
With 40 recipes, full-color photographs—plus vegan, gluten-free, and kid-friendly options—Dumplings Equals Love is the perfect gift for the foodie or home cook in your life.

About the Author

LIZ CRAIN is a longtime writer on Pacific Northwest food and drink, the coauthor of the Toro Bravo cookbook, and author of Food Lover’s Guide to Portland and Grow Your Own: Understanding, Cultivating, and Enjoying Cannabis. She is a cofounder of the annual Portland Fermentation Festival and is an editor and publicity director at Hawthorne Books in Portland.

Praise For…

"Do dumplings equal love? Well, ask anyone you give a plateful of the pork-and-homemade-kimchee mandu or gingery pork-and-cabbage gyoza from this cookbook, and you’ll probably get the answer, 'Are you kidding? Of course!' Food writer (and dumpling fanatic) Liz Crain guides readers through the key steps of making great dumplings—what tools and ingredients they’ll need, how to form different shapes, the nature of different dumpling doughs—before diving into a plethora of recipes (for both dumpling and dipping sauces) derived from cultures around the world. Classics like pork & shrimp shumai are present; so are pillowy Italian-inspired goat cheese dumplings in arrabbiata sauce, and shrimp & grits dumplings spiced up with homemade sambal."
—Food & Wine

"Most people know me for barbecue, but I have an abiding love—make that obsession—for dumplings. Liz Crain walks you step-by-step through their preparation, bringing uncommon passion and creativity to her recipes in what may be the most charming book on dumplings ever written. I only wish she did takeout!"
—Steven Raichlen, author of The Barbecue Bible cookbook series and host of Project Fire and Project Smoke on PBS

"Crain’s perfectly-timed new cookbook shows how making dumplings can bring almost as much comfort as eating them."
—The Oregonian

"I love dumplings, and Liz Crain makes them easy, accessible, and fun!"
—Sandor Ellix Katz, author of Wild Fermentation, The Art of Fermentation, and Fermentation as Metaphor

"If we are being perfectly honest here, dough scares me. Reading Dumplings Equal Love left me inspired and confident to mix, roll, and stuff some dough. Liz Crain’s easy style and gentle instruction had me convinced I could do this. Dumplings Equal Love is a recipe rich global journey with encouragement and permission to create your own rainbow of dumplings. So I did, deliciously and successfully."
—Kirsten K. Shockey, author of four fermentation books including bestselling Fermented Vegetables and award-winning Miso, Tempeh, Natto & Other Tasty Ferments

"WE LOVE THIS BOOK! It is perfect for the serious cook (like  Ann) and for the nowhere cook (like Stephen). It is a simple guide to huge flavors and what feels like endless variety. The book lays out the path through the forest to a world of eating we never would have tried on our own. Thank you. Thank you. Fun. Easy. Delicious."
—Ann Tobolowsky, actor and director; and Stephen Tobolowsky, actor, writer, and cocreator of The Tobolowsky Files podcast 

"Liz Crain is one of my favorite food writers, and her first solo cookbook, Dumplings Equal Love, is informative, fun, and filled with easy-to-follow and delicious dumpling recipes from around the world." 
—David Gutowski, creator of the blog Largehearted Boy
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ISBN: 9781632172969
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Publisher: Sasquatch Books
Publication Date: October 13th, 2020
Pages: 192
Language: English