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Home Comfort Cook Book 1930 Reprint (Paperback)

Home Comfort Cook Book 1930 Reprint By Wrought Iron Range Cover Image
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Unabridged reproduction of the 1930 Home Comfort Cook Book is a real treasury of fun for all those involved or interested in wood stoves and old time cooking.

Humorous as it is useful, it features over 1000 recipes or suggestions on how to cook, which really gets to the heart of this historical period. Also included is a brief history of the company and a pictorial parts list.

In 1870 Henry Harrison Culver and his three brothers started making iron stoves as the Wrought Iron Range Co. Their first model was called the Iron Mountain range.

In the late 1890's purchasers of Home Comfort Family Ranges would receive this free booklet, or one could request one for the price of postage, just 10 .

This book was their biggest sales tool as people would keep the books for all the information it had in it. This edition was from around 1930, before it was revised in 1938 into a joyless mass by Irma Rombauer, author of the The Joy of Cooking.

Although the last Wrought Iron Range was produced in 1959, due to the electrification of America, the recipes contained in this book are just as exciting and useful as Betty Crocker or Better Homes and Gardens cook book is today.

Travel to yesteryear and enjoy this unique unabridged historic reproduction.

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