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Memento Monstrum (Hardcover)

Memento Monstrum By Jochen Till, Wiebke Rauers (Illustrator) Cover Image
By Jochen Till, Wiebke Rauers (Illustrator)
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A biting memoir with an over the top package! 

This is your warning!

This book contains Count Dracula’s memoirs. And as you would expect, there are plenty of hideous creatures in it—giant yetis, insidious werewolves, slimy fish monsters—maybe you shouldn’t read it!

You might learn things you didn’t know about monsters before. Hair-raising things that make these monsters appear . . .friendly . . .even downright human. So, take my advice. Put the book down and move on before you get caught in its clutches.

Sincerely, Van Helsing

PS-But if you do read this book, you will be enchanted by the incredibly imaginative full-color illustrations through out, the fabulously appealing cover, and the original wit captured within.


About the Author

Jochen Till was born in Frankfurt, Germany in 1966. In 1995 he was bitten by a writing vampire of aristocratic lineage. Since then, he has sat tin a bower, night-in, night-out, sucking the most adventurous stories from his fingertips. 

Wiebke Rauers studied communication design with a focus on illustration in Duesseldorf/Germany. After graduating in 2011, she moved to Berlin and worked as a character designer in an animation film studio. She has been a freelancer since 2015 and works on apps, exhibitions and everything to do with illustration.

Praise For…


Giggles more likely than shivers in this over-the-top tale.
— Kirkus Reviews
Product Details
ISBN: 9781646900107
ISBN-10: 1646900103
Publisher: Arctis
Publication Date: October 5th, 2021
Pages: 200
Language: English