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Contemporary Monologues for Young Actors 2: 54 High-Quality Monologues for Kids & Teens (Paperback)

Contemporary Monologues for Young Actors 2: 54 High-Quality Monologues for Kids & Teens By Douglas M. Parker Cover Image
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By the author of the best-selling books:
Contemporary Monologues for Young Actors
Fantasy Monologues for Young Actors
Contemporary Scenes for Young Actors

Contemporary Monologues for Young Actors 2 presents 54 original monologues created specifically for actors and acting students ages 7-14, and for the teachers, directors and acting coaches who work with them.

Written by award-winning New York City playwright Douglas M. Parker, these refreshing monologues give younger actors the opportunity to have fun while exploring and expanding their acting abilities.

Contemporary Monologues for Young Actors 2 offers:

- 54 monologues with a wide variety of age-appropriate characters,
emotions and situations

- Performance pieces ranging from comedic to quirky to heartfelt

- Pieces suitable for auditions, performance, or classroom use

- Contemporary language and situations that young performers
will find easy to relate to

- Gender neutral writing, so every monologue can be performed
by any actor

- A selection broad enough to ensure that both slightly younger
actors and slightly older actors will find monologues that appeal
to them

Below are two monologues from the book:

You know the best thing about secrets? Everything. I'm serious. First you get to feel special because you know something that no one else knows. And then you get to feel special all over again when you tell everyone this awesome secret that no one else knows And yeah - I get that once you tell everyone something, it's not a secret anymore. But that's really kind of the point, isn't it? I mean, if you actually wanted to keep something secret, everyone knows I should be the last person you'd tell. Right? So yeah, anyone got any secrets they want to share? . . . Anyone?

My father always tells me, "Sandy, it's good to have goals. First you set a goal for yourself. Then you accomplish it." And I totally agree with him. Like this morning, we had this math test in Mrs. Dugby's class. A really important math test. And I set myself the goal of not taking it. So as soon as they started passing out the test, I raised my hand and I said "Mrs. Dugby, may I be excused from the test?" And she said, "No." So I raised my hand again and I said, "Mrs. Dugby, what I meant to say was can I go to the bathroom?" And she said, "Just be quick about it. We'll wait. " Which didn't really help at all. So I raised my hand a third time and I said, "Mrs. Dugby? I mean I have to go to the bathroom because I feel sick." So she said, "Sick enough to take a make-up test tomorrow after school?" Which also was not helpful. So anyhow, this went on for probably longer than it should have. At least I'm guessing that's what Mrs. Dugby thought because now I have a new goal, which is to figure out how to not go to detention for the rest of the week. Turns out my dad was right. It's always good to have goals.

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ISBN: 9781734001402
ISBN-10: 1734001402
Publisher: Parker
Publication Date: November 24th, 2019
Pages: 76
Language: English