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The Tuar Tums Trilogy: The Prophecy (Paperback)

The Tuar Tums Trilogy: The Prophecy Cover Image
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She thought she'd sacrificed enough...

...Now she's the only hope of two planets.

If she can unlock the mystery in time.

Alexa celebrated twelve birthdays without her beloved father, but on the eve of her sweet sixteenth, he miraculously returns with a gift she never imagined-her destiny.

Can she trust what he says after all these years?

What really happened?

Now as she and her friends unravel the mystery of her father's disappearance, they discover something bigger than themselves, their planet, and even their universe.

Can they unlock the secrets of the Southwest millions of years in the making?

And how is their future tied to a planet thousands of light-years away?

You'll love this sci-fi fantasy coming-of-age saga because no one can resist a battle for the future of planet Earth itself.

Step into the adventure today.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781736179994
ISBN-10: 1736179993
Publisher: Philip L. Asmundson
Publication Date: February 16th, 2021
Pages: 602
Language: English