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Battle of Waterloo Bicentenary A Brief Account (Paperback)

Battle of Waterloo Bicentenary A Brief Account By Felicity McCullough (Illustrator), Felicity McCullough Cover Image
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The book gives a brief account of the events surrounding the Battle of Waterloo and the key people involved. It is hoped that you enjoy reading and learning about what happened two hundred years ago. The information has been extracted from various historical sources and research. The battle took place after Napoleon returned to power in France when a coalition of countries in Europe decided to declare war on him. The short account is illustrated with portraits.

About the Author

Felicity McCullough has a wide variety of interests and has been taking photographs for many years and she has published some of her photographs in bite-sized glimpses in her series 'Places to Visit'. This brief account of the Battle of Waterloo is her first in the series 'Glimpses of the Past' and compliments Places to Visit. Felicity painted the portraits of the illustrations in the book, from looking at a range of images recorded of the individuals mentioned, and consequently they may not be a true likeness.
Product Details
ISBN: 9781781650738
ISBN-10: 178165073X
Publisher: My Lap Shop Publishers
Publication Date: June 18th, 2015
Pages: 64
Language: English