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Towards the higher summits (Paperback)

Towards the higher summits By Myrtha Bien-Aimé Corbier Cover Image
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Included in The Return of the Prodigal Son are the following acts: I. The fall of the prodigal son caused by temptations to which he gave free reign, and by his passions, against which he did not resist.II. His journey to a faraway land where he felt free to practice debauchery and manifest his prodigality.III. The complete degradation engendered by his depraved behavior.IV. His repentance which sprang from the early teachings of his father.V. His conversion, shown by his return to his father's house and his practice of the principals belonging to a noble life.The love of the father clearly shows us the love of God, the Father of all, who wishes for all rebels to take stock of themselves, and return to Him, that they may have peace and life. Here is the description of the second play: We are going to reveal the product of faith as displayed by a child whose parents are poor. This faith allowed him to overcome difficulties in accordance to his childlike ideals. Many of his friends are full of faith and pray that God will intervene in his situation and that of his brother. On the other hand, the kindness of his friend who gave him a kite, a gift that is followed by mockery about his faith and the use of the kite, leaves him unshaken.Let us see how the play unfolds and its conclusion.
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ISBN: 9781791813772
ISBN-10: 1791813771
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: December 19th, 2018
Pages: 142
Language: English