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The Ping Life: How to Pick Up the Signal When God Is Calling (Paperback)

The Ping Life: How to Pick Up the Signal When God Is Calling By Shane L. Bishop Cover Image
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So many Christians feel like it's on us to save the world - to solve every political and social problem or lead every person we meet to Christ.

We're plagued by guilt when we spend our time and money doing anything else, and we feel like failures when we realize we can't do it all. Hello, overwhelm, exhaustion, agitation, and burnout

There has to be more to the abundant life Jesus promised.

The Ping Life is a framework for living an authentic Christian life filled with peace, happiness, and purpose - one where you're free to enjoy the blessings God has given you while still having an impact for God's Kingdom.

In it, pastor Shane Bishop teaches you how to establish a baseline of Christian discipleship and tune your receiver to the frequency of God's voice, so you can hear "pings" from the Holy Spirit and develop sustainable spiritual rhythms. Filled with stories of ordinary humans who listened to God's pings and became part of Kingdom history, this is an entertaining, easy read that will

inspire you, free you, and invite you into an adventure with God.

In an agitated, works-based world, discover a simple approach to life that is revolutionary, counter cultural, and life giving.

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ISBN: 9781953495754
ISBN-10: 1953495753
Publisher: Invite Press
Publication Date: August 29th, 2023
Pages: 106
Language: English