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Healthy Money: A 30-Day Journey toward Spiritual, Emotional, and Financial Freedom (Paperback)

Healthy Money: A 30-Day Journey toward Spiritual, Emotional, and Financial Freedom By Rosario Picardo, Callie Picardo Cover Image
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Most of us know the right things to do with finances. We know we need to live within a budget, prioritize giving and saving, and avoid why is there so often a gap between our knowledge and our actions?

Could it be that it's not really about money at all?

Healthy Money is a 30-day guided journey that takes you beyond your budget and bank balance and into the emotional and spiritual roots of your finances: your beliefs, your wounds, your fears, and your dreams.

This journey will reveal your primary money mindset, its healthy and unhealthy sides, and how God can transform your financial patterns at the root by healing the deepest parts of your heart and soul.

You will discover:

 The 5 common money mindsets (and which one you have)

 The underlying beliefs that drive your financial habits

 Godly truths to replace unhealthy lies about money

 How to overcome the weaknesses and play into the strengths of your mindset

 Reflection questions and guided prayer to help you surrender your finances to God

 Financial next steps that work for you (no more "shoulds" or formulas)

As you explore and own the truth about your relationship with money, you will find more than just financial freedom; you will also find freedom from the lies you believe about yourself, the guilt and shame you carry, and the fear, scarcity, and comparison mindsets that keep you from reaching your personal and financial potential.

Healthy Money isn't another piece of advice, another box to check, or someone else pointing out what you're doing "wrong."

It's a tool to unleash deeper healing in your life, change the financial trajectory you're on, and start heading in the direction you want to go - from a place of surrender, trust, and wholeness.;

Product Details
ISBN: 9781953495990
ISBN-10: 1953495990
Publisher: Invite Press
Publication Date: March 26th, 2024
Pages: 146
Language: English