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Broken English Teacher: Notes in Exile (Paperback)

Broken English Teacher: Notes in Exile By Benjamin Bartee Cover Image
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Observe the madness-or perhaps deeply sane strangeness-of humankind with Fear and Loathing vibes and the whole Third World to explore.

Author Benjamin Bartee journeys back and there again from teaching gig to teaching gig with his tongue in his cheek, engaging cultures and their counters from the neutral viewpoint of an English teacher, sometimes comically aware, sometimes blissfully ignorant, sometimes just plain apathetic.

There seem to be some constant truths in this search for spiritual answers:

We are all residents of this planet.

We are all weird as fuck.

We are all trapped in some way by each other.

Familiarly awkward and similarly sympathetic to the human condition, Broken English Teacher is a travel journal of wit, cynicism, sarcasm, and often wisdom.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781959111023
ISBN-10: 1959111027
Publisher: Polyverse Publications
Publication Date: March 15th, 2023
Pages: 360
Language: English