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Tibbles the Cat (Hardcover)

Tibbles the Cat By Michal Sanda, David Dolensky (Illustrator) Cover Image
By Michal Sanda, David Dolensky (Illustrator)
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Featuring quirky, vintage-inspired illustrations, this charming story tells the tale of a cat moving to a new island home, where things take an unexpected turn.

When a curious cat named Tibbles and her owner move across the world from England to a new home on a small island off the coast of New Zealand in 1894, everything seems idyllic at first. Then things go horribly wrong. In this charming little story, the oblivious, amusing hero, Tibbles, discovers a rare species of flightless bird that had never previously been described - the Stephens Island wren. Unfortunately, Tibbles also becomes the cause of the bird's extinction by preying on them.

Beneath the surface of this whimsically told story is a sophisticated tragicomic plot with a foundation in Greek tragedy. Tibbles's killing of the Stephens Island wrens led to the eventual extinction of the entire species, and the tragedy is heightened by the fact that Tibbles was not a malicious or malevolent creature, but rather a normal cat behaving according to its instincts. To add insult to injury, Tibbles is not only innocent and ignorant about the effects of her actions; she is also silly, care-free, and wildly unconcerned. This book presents a true story in a subtly comedic light, but the underlying tragedy is still present, emphasizing the unintended consequences of human actions on the environment.

Ultimately, the tale of Tibbles the cat had a silver lining - it brought global awareness to the dangers of introducing non-native animal species to other continents. Beautifully illustrated in a vintage style, with heavy graphic novel elements, this quirky, captivating tale will take readers on an emotional, darkly funny journey of discovery and consequence, all while teaching valuable lessons about the environment and the human impact on it. The book also includes interesting facts about the Stephens Island wren and its discovery.

Tibbles is perfect for children aged 6-9 inclined towards funny stories and deep lessons. Through this unique, engaging, and darkly comedic story, kids will be entertained as they learn about history and conservation, with humor being the sugar that helps the environmentalist medicine go down. Laughing one moment and considering serious issues the next, children will learn about the impact of humans on animal species and the importance of protecting wildlife.


  • 2021 Muriel Award - Best Comics for Children
  • 2022 Bologna Ragazzi Award - The BRAW Amazing Bookshelf

About the Author

Michal Sanda is a Czech writer who worked several manual labor jobs during the Communist era and has worked at the Czech Theatre Institute since 1991. He has written poetry collections, prose, children's books, and plays. In recent years, he has focused mainly on writing books for children. His hobby is researching in archives and discovering forgotten stories. He was born in 1965 in Prague. David Dolensky studied Interactive Graphic Design and subsequently Illustration and Graphic Design at the Academy of Arts, Architecture, and Design in Prague, Czech Republic. He did a traineeship at the Berlin University of the Arts in Germany led by Henning Wagenbreth and a traineeship in Birmingham, UK. He creates posters, illustrations for magazines, free drawings, graphic designs, and original books. Hailing from a picturesque mountain area in the Northwest of the Czech Republic, he currently resides and works in Prague.
Product Details
ISBN: 9788000070056
ISBN-10: 8000070057
Publisher: Albatros Media
Publication Date: December 5th, 2023
Pages: 24
Language: English