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Principles and Practices of Agricultural Disaster Management (Hardcover)

Principles and Practices of Agricultural Disaster Management By Radha Krishna Y. Murthy Cover Image
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This is a unique book on operational agro meteorology. It has contents that explicitly state that:

- Weather is a non-monetary input in all agricultural operations. If weather based farming is done, the cost of cultivation of crops can be reduced at least by 10% and quality of the agricultural produce be improved by 2-3%

- Past 10 days weather is as important as 10 day forecast of weather, in developing weather based technologies and making farm management decisions

- Growing Degree Days are very much useful in predicting pests and helio- thermal units are highly useful in predicting diseases on crops.

Reflecting on his teaching experience, research findings and extension activities the author provided a roadmap through this book for not only profitable agriculture in the odd events of weather disasters but also ways that enhance the prestige and dignity of the farmers.

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ISBN: 9789352301065
ISBN-10: 9352301064
Publisher: Bsp Books Pvt. Ltd.
Publication Date: December 10th, 2018
Pages: 262
Language: English