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Baltimore Revisited: Stories of Inequality and Resistance in a U.S. City Cover Image
By P. Nicole King (Editor), Kate Drabinski (Editor), Joshua Clark Davis (Editor), Lawrence Brown (Contributions by), Daniel L. Buccino (Contributions by), Michael Casiano (Contributions by), Sam Collins (Contributions by), Shannon Darrow (Contributions by), Matthew Durington (Contributions by), Nicole Fabricant (Contributions by), Aiden Faust (Contributions by), Jennifer A. Ferretti (Contributions by), Leif Fredrickson (Contributions by), Robert Gamble (Contributions by), Marisela Gomez (Contributions by), April K. Householder (Contributions by), Jodi Kelber- Kaye (Contributions by), Louise Parker Kelley (Contributions by), Emily Lieb (Contributions by), Jacob R. Levin (Contributions by), Teresa Méndez (Contributions by), Ashley Minner (Contributions by), Elizabeth M. Nix (Contributions by), Richard E. Otten (Contributions by), Eli Pousson (Contributions by), Mary Rizzo (Contributions by), Fred Scharmen (Contributions by), Aletheia Hyun-Jin Shin (Contributions by), Linda Shopes (Contributions by), Michelle L. Stefano (Contributions by), Joe Tropea (Contributions by), Amy Zanoni (Contributions by), Denise Meringolo (Contributions by), Robert Headley (Contributions by), Shawntay Stocks (Contributions by)
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