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Consignment at The Odyssey

Thank you for your interest in selling your consignment items at Odyssey Bookshop.
We accept consignment items for sale on the judgment of the manager or one of our buyers, and we only carry such items that have a local connection to our community –either written by a local author or having a local setting.  We request a sample copy of any item being offered for consignment should be brought into the store and left directly with the buyer. These should be given directly to the buyers, so we suggest calling ahead of time and setting a time they are available. Any sample items that Odyssey decides not to carry must be claimed within one month of dropping off sample copy. Otherwise the sample copies will be donated.
Consignment items are accepted only under the following terms:
1) Odyssey Bookshop charges a $15 fee for the first title and $5 for every additional title that we decide to carry on consignment. Cash or checks made out to Odyssey Bookshop are acceptable. This fee helps cover staff time and guarantees prominent placement for at least the first two weeks the book is in the store and a face-out spot on the shelf for additional time, with a “Local Author” sticker on the front cover, as appropriate.
2) Odyssey Bookshop offers a 60/40 split on consignment items, with 60% going to the author.
3) Odyssey Bookshop pays for all consignment books that sell in the January following the year in which they sold. (Example: a book that sells in June of 2014 will be paid in January of 2015) If a consignment book sells particularly well, the author may request an alternate payment plan, however, to be determined on a case by case basis.
4) The consigner must claim in person all unsold copies within twelve months after the most recent stock was received. Any stock remaining after that date becomes the property of Odyssey Bookshop to donate. We do not mail any unsold items to the author.
5) While we certainly strive to keep proper inventory of all items in the store, Odyssey Bookshop is not responsible for the condition of unsold consignment items or for any lost or stolen items.