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Debut Author Club

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We will be offering a handful of books throughout the year that we feel are important, but may not make the "cut" to be a First Editions Club selection. These titles will be signed on the title page 1st/1st editions (unless otherwise noted) of authors who we feel will continue to produce work of remarkable significance. These will be a mix of hardcover and paperback originals, as decided upon by the publisher.

The Debut Author Club selection is made available exclusively to those who have signed up to be part of the club for the first month of availability. If we have any extra copies we will make them available to the First Editions Club on the second month of release.

Go to our Online Enrollment Form for full details and to sign up today!

The Debut Author Club has been in existence since 2023 and below you will find all of the selections since its inception in April.








APRIL 2023

MAY 2023

JUNE 2023

JULY 2023







January 2023 | none


February 2023 | none

March 2023 | none

April 2023 | The Blue is Where God Lives by Sharon Sochil Washington

May 2023 | Hula by Jasmin 'Iolani Hakes

June 2023 | Countries of Origin by Javier Fuentes

July 2023 | Temple Folk by Aaliyah Bilal | Finalist 2023 National Book Award for Fiction

August 2023 | The Moon Represents My Heart by Pim Wangtechawat (the author lives in Bangkok so we arranged with the publisher to produce an exclusive run of tipped-in, numbered copies for the Odyssey Bookshop)

September 2023 | The Missing Morningstar by Stacie Shannon Denetsosie

October 2023 | Coleman Hill by Kim Coleman Foote | Longlisted for 2023 Center for Fiction First Novel Award

November 2024 | A Grandmother Begins the Story by Michelle Porter | Finalist for the Atwood Gibson Writers' Trust Fiction Prize

December 2024 | Wings of Red by James W. Jennings