The Open Fiction Book Group - Good Night Ladies, Zane Kotker

The Open Fiction Book Group reads one paperback novel a month and its discussions are led by local author Ellen Meeropol. The group typically meets the third Monday of each month at  6:00pm. Since the store will officially close at 6:00, please arrive a few minutes early to purchase your book.
June 26, 6:00pm - Goodnight, Ladies by Zane Kotker
In this 100-page novella three women who’ve passed their 70th birthdays look around to find time short. How to spend these coming years? Nikki divides the days remaining into millions of minutes, Chessa gets a dog and Pru downsizes to a condo, only to discover that—with the loss of familiar objects—even her children begin to look a bit strange.
Married and with two children under two, Zane Kotker wrote her first novel on Tuesday and Friday mornings when the babysitter came. Bodies in Motion was accepted by Bob Gottlieb at Knopf, to be followed by A Certain Man and White Rising. When her husband, the writer Norman Kotker, was stricken with multiple sclerosis, she turned to nonfiction, sometimes writing under the name of Maggie Strong. She returned to fiction in the late 1990’s with Try to Remember, and soon began researching for The Inner Sea
Event date: 
Monday, June 26, 2017 - 6:00pm
Event address: 
The Odyssey Bookshop
9 College Street
South Hadley, MA 01075