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Odyssey Bookshop | First Editions & Debut Author Club

Welcome to The Odyssey Bookshop's Signed First Editions & Debut Author Clubs where you can make your dream library a reality! 

Become a member today! Fill out the First Editions Club Online Enrollment Form, and/or the Debut Author Club Online Enrollment Form, call the store at 413-534-7307, or email the First Editions Club director at

Please visit our First Editions Club selections page or our Debut Author Club selections page to see our current, future, and past selections.

Are you wondering what quality of books you will get by signing up? Here are some of our favorite award-winning and highly collectable previous selections from the Odyssey's Signed Editions Clubs:


Winner 2023 National Book Award for Fiction

2023 National Book Award Finalist

2023 National Book Award Finalist /

Longlisted for the 2023Center for FictionFirst Novel

2020 National Book Awards Finalist

2020 PEN/Faulkner Award Finalist

2019 Pulitzer Prize Finalist /

PEN/Hemingway Award Winner

2017 National Book Award Winner

2017 PEN/Hemingway Award Winner

2015 National Book Award Finalist / Man Booker Prize Finalist

2015 Pulitzer Prize Winner

2014 Pulitzer Prize Winner

2011 PEN/Hemingway Winner

2008 Pulitzer Prize Winner

2002 Pulitzer Prize Winner

2002 Pulitzer Prize Shortlist


By joining the First Editions Club each month you will get a signed first printing of a newly published book selected by the Odyssey staff. Each month's selection will be sent to you with a protective dust jacket cover or available for pick-up in-store.

As a member you will also have exclusive access to purchase signed special offer titles. Recent special selections have included: Bryan Washington's Memorial, Tana French's The Searcher, C Pam Zhang's How Much of These Hills is Gold, Kazuo Ishiguro's Klara and the Sun, Maggie Shipstead's Great Circle, Zakiya Dalila Harris's The Other Black Girl, and Brandon Taylor's Filthy Animals.

“There are few people better suited to the task of selecting books of literary merit than the folks at the Odyssey Bookshop…. a wonderful way to be introduced to great authors." — Ken Lopez, Bookseller, Former President, Antiquarian Booksellers’ Association of America and Member of the Odyssey Bookshop's First Editions Club since May, 2001.

“What does it mean to offer sustenance? For many years, I spent a lot of time driving from New York City to southwestern New Hampshire. It was a time in my life when things weren't always easy. The highlight of those long journeys following the Connecticut River was discovering the Odyssey Bookshop and its First Editions Club. Month after month over the years, those moving, hand-picked titles always seemed to be waiting to lift me up, calm me down, and bring beauty back into my world. What a privilege it is to have a bookshop with great taste and a big heart waiting for us all on our journeys.” – Gregory Brown, author of The Lowering Days.


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If you are ready to join the Odyssey Bookshop's First Editions Club, you may fill out the Online Enrollment Form, call the store at 413-534-7307, or email the First Editions Club director at