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Local/Indie Authors

Are you local to Western Massachusetts and/or independently published and hoping to partner with us for your book? Here's our Local Author Guide!

We're a proudly independent local business in South Hadley since 1963. We host many author events both for local authors and national tours, as well as offering signed editions. Think we can collaborate? Read on!

Support Local!

One way to win a place in the hearts of indie booksellers is simple - add a link to buy your book local! One great option is linking to where all sales support local bookstores, and folks can add us as their home store.

You can just plug your book's ISBN-13 into this link: / book / your isbn

For the Odyssey Bookshop the same works, a great option for pick-up orders or signed editions if you plan to offer them: / book / your isbn-13

This will work if your book is available through Ingram Distribution, the primary wholesaler for publishers. Not yet on Ingram? Check out IngramSpark.

You can quickly check if it's on Ingram by searching for your ISBN in our website's search function, which directly connects to their database.


If you'd like to place a self-published or small press book not available through Ingram Distribution on our shelves, check out our consignment information: Link

This is a good option for authors who can self-promote and refer folks to us! Local media coverage that mention us as a source for your books can also draw customers.


Want to do a release event or book talk? Keep in mind we schedule most of our events at least a month in advance, and are often working on the next season of releases.

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Are you a local author? Is this a book with a connection to local history or topical in some way? Let us know what will draw an audience from our community to this event!
Please share any publicity in the news, professional reviews, or upcoming media exposure you expect.
How many people do you expect to attend an event based on just your own promotion? We hope for audiences above 20 even for smaller events.
Is your book self-published or print on demand? If so, will you be able to supply them for sales at your event? The standard discount with books we sell is 40%, returnable to the vendor.
Please share your website, social media accounts, and any other pertinent marketing presence.