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MHC Student Art Contest 2023

Submit to our art contest for a chance to win a gift certificate, an official tee shirt and/or sticker with your art, and credit for the design on our website!

Some prompt for the kind of designs we're looking for:

  • Jorge! We need merch!
  • Funny MHC graphics--the more relevant to multiple generations of Mohomies the better!
  • Political and/or local humor--can we get a cartoon?


First Place will win a gift certificate for $50 for the Odyssey Bookshop, one tee shirt with the design on it and 5 stickers (once complete) and credits on the website listing for the art.

Up to 3 runners-up will win 5 stickers of their design, with credit on the website listing for the art, and a $10 gift certificate.


Submit using your MHC email address with up to 5 designs to mhcstore (at) odysseybks (dot) com. Send digital forms of the art in high quality--png or other high resolution file types (.tiff, .ai)

Send us only your own art! If you utilize elements in a composite of some kind, please include sources. If it is not an image free for use or under creative commons usage, we can't use it on items for sale in our store.

Email it to us by 11:59 PM on October 31, 2023.


Rights Details:

By submitting to the contest you agree to let us use the art for printing on garments, stickers, and promotional materials for sale. We do not ask for exclusive rights, so you may also use your design!


Some helpful hints:

Line art and single-color designs are the easiest to print! Limiting to 2-3 colors on a multicolor design will make it easier to use on a tee, particularly.

Dimensions: Rectangular or circle designs that look good scaled down will be particularly of interest. Some templates for shirt designs are 14x18 inches.