South Hadley Farmers' Market


The South Hadley Farmers' Market is in its 4th season for the summer of 2012!  The Market can be found each Thursday on the South Hadley Town Common directly in front of the Odyssey Bookshop, 1:00-6:00 PM, beginning June 7th and running through October 13th.  Every week twelve to fifteen vendors provide luscious vegetables, eggs, plants, herbs, maple syrup, breads, and handcrafted gifts. Join us each week for local foods, entertainment, and community!  

The market accepts EBT and SNAP payments.

Top 10 Reasons to Shop at the South Hadley Farmers' Market
1. Support your local economy and farmers
Your money stays in the area, and supports small producers of great products, rather than larger grocery chains
2. Less expensive fruits and vegetables
The cost of locally grown produce is usually less than what you find in a grocery store.
3. Safer produce
The produce you find at a farmers’ market is usually organic or pesticide-free.  You can talk to the farmer, and learn about their methods.
4. Fresher foods
Oftentimes, the food brought to the market was picked that same day!
5. Better tasting foods
Fresher foods taste better.  Fruits and veggies are allowed to ripen in the field and are brought directly to you.
6. Reduce the carbon footprint
Grocery store produce often travels over 1000 miles.  Transport to and storage at the store often requires refrigeration, resulting in carbon dioxide emissions.  Farmers’ market products are made locally and don’t travel far to get to you.
7. Get new recipes and ideas
Farmers and vendors are happy to share their favorites.
8. Discover new favorites
Try new veggies, soaps, baked goods!
9. Beautiful flowers
Spruce up your desk at work, your dining room table, or give a gift a friend or yourself!
10. Visit with your friends and neighbors!
What’s a better reason than that? 

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