Teachers, Thank You!

Say Thank You, Teachers! with a teachers appreciation gift bundle, or an Odyssey Bookshop e-gift card!

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Teachers Appreciation Gift Certificates

Teachers have worked tirelessly along side students this year to create the best possible learning environment during a very challenging year for everyone. Show your appreciation with a gift certificate from Odyssey Bookshop! Teacher appreciation gift certificates are reedeemable for a gift bundle, personalized by our staff to your teachers interests. It's the perfect end of the school year gift, to thank your teachers for all their hard work. 

Here's How it works: 

We'll give you a Teacher's appreciation gift certificate to give to your teacher on the last day of school. Just Choose from budget options below ranging from $30 - $100. Once your teacher receives their Thank You! gift certificate, they can visit our website to tell us a little bit about what they are interested in and what they like to read. 

Then ... 

We'll Give your teacher a personalized gift bundle based on their interests and recent reads! Your teachers personalized gift bundle will include books, gift items, plus something extra special to let them know how much you appreciate their hard work this year. All bundles will be put together with your teacher's interests in mind.


Sample Gift Bundle

Garden Gift Bundle - $30

(budget option $30 includes one paperback, one gift item, and one something extra special)

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