Textbook Services for Mount Holyoke College Faculty & Staff


The Odyssey Bookshop is proud to provide textbook services for Mount Holyoke College. In order to provide you and your students the very best, we ask that you follow the guidelines below:

  • If you would like the Odyssey to carry your course books, you must fill out this form. This is the only method the Odyssey will be taking text book requests.

  • All requests must be completed by Monday, December 23. Because each request requires time and research, we cannot guarantee requests submitted after this deadline. Early orders also increase the likelihood that we will be able to get used books, and allow us to buy back those books from students at significantly higher prices.

  • Please check to be sure the text book, and specific edition you are requesting is still in print before submitting your request.

An important note: just because your course information is listed online does not mean that the Odyssey will be carrying your course books. We will not be checking course websites. If you wish to have your course books available at the bookstore, you must request them using this form.

We may not be able to fulfill each course book request. If we cannot get one of the titles you have requested, we will inform you by Friday, January 10.

Be aware that the Odyssey sometimes fills your entire request with used books. This may make it difficult to obtain desk copies. If you would prefer that we get new books only, please let us know on your order form.

To request your course books, please fill out this form. Questions? Email text@odysseybks.com 

A Note About Desk Copies: The Odyssey Bookshop is unable to order desk copies. To get desk copies for your courses, please contact publishers directly using the resources below.

Many publishers include a desk copy request option in their phone options. If there is no such option, customer service should be able to help.

Publisher Information: Phone numbers for most academic publishers.