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What are the new guidelines for shopping at the Odyssey?

YES. The store is open for browsing!

We also have a great system for ordering online and either shipping to you or picking up at the store, contact free.


What are the current safety guidelines for in-store shopping?

We're so glad you asked! We ask all customers observe the following rules and guidelines:

  • Wear a mask. Currently the staff would appreciate everyone continuing to mask for the vulnerable people in our lives. 

  • Do not come in if you are sick. For the safety of our staff, our customers, and our community, please do not come into the store if you are feeling sick. Our online store is always open.

  • Social distance from each other, and from our staff. As much as possible, please leave some good space between you and others.

  • Continue to shop online and utilize our contact-free pick up if you prefer!

If the FAQ linked below doesn't answer all your questions, feel free to contact us.

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