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Youth Advisory Board

To read reviews written by members of our Youth Advisory Board, click on their names below!

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Are you interested in reviewing books for The Odyssey? We receive dozens of Advance Readers Copies (ARCS) each month and would love your help deciding what we should bring into the store! This program is open to anyone between the ages of 8 and 18 and we ask that you commit to writing a minimum of one review per month, though more are always welcome!

The way it works:
Step 1: Fill out the application (download the PDF at the bottom of this page or pick one up in-store).
Step 2: Pick out ARCs that you’re interested in reading (or ask for suggestions!).
Step 3: Take the books home and read!
Step 4: For each book you like, write a short review which we’ll print out and display with the book. We may also publish the review on our website or social media accounts.
Step 5: If there are any books that you don’t like, please send us 1-2 sentences explaining why.
If you’re interested in being a reviewer, fill out the application and return it to Amy or Kinsey. Completed reviews can be emailed to Below are two examples - more can be found on our Staff Picks page!
Code Word Courage
By Kirby Larson
Billie is feeling down because her brother Leo is leaving to fight in the war. It’s the time of World War II and Billie is scared for her brother, but when he brings back Denny, a Navajo Code Talker whom he met at boot camp, Billie is excited. Denny also brings home a stray dog he names Bear. She and Bear become best friends, but when Leo leaves, she’s still worried. Will both Denny and Leo come back okay?
-Nora, age 10
Be Prepared
By Vera Brosgol
One of the most relatable graphic novels I’ve ever read, Be Prepared is a brutally honest look at a summer spent at a sleepaway camp in Connecticut. Perfect for anyone who hasn’t fit in, perfect for anyone who has felt they were born standing out. Vera recalls a summer at a Russian summer camp where she hoped the things that made her weird at school would finally find her a place in the social stratosphere—she may not have been exactly right about that, but camp sure is an experience! I love Brosgol’s artistic style. The breadth of expression she can express with a few strokes will have you feeling like you experienced everything with her the first time. ~Liz, Hampshire College student